Our welcome package


We manage everything around your accommodation search, before or after your arrival

In Clermont Ferrand, a 20/25 m² single furnished flat (called "studio") in town centre, will cost you around 350€ per month (electricy, gas and internet extra).
So you need around 400€ monthly all included.

The first step is to be in touch with us by e-mail. Then, you will have to fill a form with all the information we need to find you a place to live in Clermont Ferrand, or around.
When we agreed about the monthly budget you are ready to spend in your local accommodation, and others expectations, we start the service.

Accommodation search

  • How it works?

In the Moversia information you sent us, we got all the information we need to find you an apartment in Clermont Ferrand, in relation with your expectations. Of course, we also give you more information about the local housing market, to define the monthly budget you need at least to get the flat you expect.

  1. The search before your arrival

  2. pic

    We visit local offers for you. We use our strong local landlords networks. We also have some agreements with several residences in Clermont.

    We take pictures and we send you by mail. You can look at the pictures received and decide with your family.
    Once you agreed offer and conditions, we book the flat for you.
    Most of the time, you will have to make a wire transfer on the landlord account as deposit.
    Once you get there, in Clermont Ferrand, you can moove directly in the flat after making the housing contract.

  3. The search after your arrival

    We book you a temporary accommodation during the first few days in order to visit the offers with us.

  4. pic

    Some of you prefer to be there, in order to take time to visit accommodations with us.
    So we book you a temporary accomodation for a few days.
    During this period we will show you the offers available on the market.
    This is not the most effective way of doing, because all the best opprotunities are already rented by people making the accommodation process by e-mail, 1 or 2 months before their arrival.

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Administrative management

  • What does it include?

When we find you an accommodation in Clermont Ferrand, we have to manage a lot of administrative documents. It's included on our package
We have to set up, in relation with the type of your accommodatio:

  1. A french bank account (the first step, we will need it to set up everything)
  2. Your electricity contract with the electricity company(heating system, lights)
  3. Your gas contract with gas company (heating system)
  4. Internet contract with one Internet company (if necessary)
  5. Flat Insurance (you need to get a flat insurance to move in the flat) This is extra fees from the package. (it will cost you around 70€ for a one year contract flat insurance )

CAF, APL financial help from government

You can receive money monthly, to help you to pay your rent!

Apply for CAF or APL is included in our welcome package. We do all the forms for you.
You can expect around 170€ per month. You receive this money directly on a french bank account. (estimation for 2011, in Clermont Ferrand for a single flat, one person)

  • How can I get that?

That's a right for every single student (french or international).

  1. If you come from a European Union country, you just have to apply directly for CAF. Your Identity card or your passeport is enough, regardless of the duration of your stay.
  2. If your come from a country which is not from European Union, you need to get the french Visa ("Carte de séjour"), and stay at least 6 months in France.
    Then, we can apply for CAF.
    Be careful, It takes time to receive the franch VISA. This year, between 2 and 4 months.

Airport, Train station pick up

In Clermont Ferrand only, during working days and hours

We come to pick you up from Clermont Ferrand train station, or from Clermont Ferrand Airport.
Only during working days and hours.
Don't worry if you arrive late, or during night, we will manage for you a temporary accommodation in some residences, or hotels, we have have agreement with.
The day after we come to pick you up.


Bank account opening in Clermont

A french bank account is a key in the french local system

pic Once you get in clermont, you have to get a french bank account as soon as possible.

Why? Because it's a key to set up a lot of things!
You will need it to get internet in your flat, pay your electricity and gas bill, get a mobile phone, receive the financial help from the french governement....

Don't worry, we have an agreement with a big french international bank!
It's free of fee, free credit card (no rate) and free internet access to manage your account.